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Potential reform to noise pollution law is in the air

Posted by Tom Peary on Jan 20, 2021 12:00:00 AM | Construction Related|Events Related|Noise Reductio

Council leaders have come together to support a campaign for a change in the current noise pollution law. The change will see an individual or business responsible for an alteration in noise conditions being held accountable for dealing with that change. According to UK Music, 35% of venues across the country have closed in the last decade. A big part of that is due to developers building housing next to the venues, and the residents moving into that housing have then complained about the noise from said venues.

What does the current law state?
Under current legislation, an individual who chooses to move next door to a noisy business can ask for it to be quieter. It is up to the business to then pay for the noise levels to be quietened for the individual complaining, even if that business has been there for years beforehand.

What does the new reform mean?
If this reform goes ahead, each party will be responsible for any changes in noise conditions. This, for example, means that if a venue’s noise condition levels have been the same for 10 years, but someone who moves in next door to them complains, it is up to the individual who moved in next door to pay for any noise-cancelling measures they want, not the venue. The Local Government Association has described the proposal as “common-sense”, since the individual willingly moved next door to the venue, and therefore should expect noise. Similarly, if a venue decides to install a louder speaker system, the venue should be held responsible.

How can noise disruption be reduced?
At Echo Barrier, we know how important it is to reduce the disruption caused by noise.
Our acoustic barriers are the most effective temporary noise control solutions on the market and are regularly used on building sites to reduce the impact of noise during construction projects. They typically reduce noise by 90-97%, and are lightweight, weatherproof and adaptable to any setting.
Whether you are looking for temporary solutions for construction, rail, demolition or live events, we will have a product to suit your needs. You can call a member of our team today on +44 (0)845 561 3246 to discuss your requirements.

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