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3 Steps For Avoiding Demolition Complaints

Posted by Echo Barrier on Nov 13, 2020 1:00:00 PM | noise barriers acoustic barriers demolition noise portable noise barrier demolition barriers demolition complaints
Avoid demolition complaints

Obviously construction and demolition are bound to have a disruptive effect on whatever is in the vicinity. It is important to show consideration and not doing so may give rise to complaints, which may lead to the work having to shut down.


1. Operate within permitted demolition hours

Remember that it is important to stick to the correct hours for demolition work. These set hours may change according to local social activity patterns and subsequent bureaucracy. It is therefore vital that you keep up to date with regulations.


2. Be selective with your contractor

In order to avoid possible complaints make your choice of contractor well, bearing in mind their past behaviour with regards to trying to avoid causing too much disruption and attempting to fit in with the needs of the locality. Contractors’ previous behaviour can be checked by looking at the relevant agencies, which list their safety history and method of dealing with pollution issues.  


3. Control the spread of dust and noise

Dust and noise levels are major problems in demolition presenting a greater challenge even than in construction. The sheer amount causes a lot of disruption and is very difficult to deal with. However their impact can be reduced by using very strong barriers to screen the site. The public can be protected from the dust and demolition debris and excessive noise can be partly absorbed by the use of Echo Barriers, which at the same time will help to protect site workers.



Portable Noise Control

You can successfully carry out the work you are contracted to do in the secure knowledge that Echo Barriers will take care of the hazardous noise issues that may harm your workers or disturb those in the local area.

Distribution available worldwide. 


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